AGQM_icons_rgb_Forschung_Entwicklung.jpg Approval List of Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers

The published approval list lists all commercial vehicles that have been approved by their manufacturers for use of pure biodiesel (B100) and with an admixture share of 20 or 30 percent (B20 / B30).
The Association Quality Management Biodiesel e.V. (AGQM), the Union for the Promotion of Oil and Protein Plants (UFOP) and the Association of the German Biofuel Industry (VDB) have prepared the list on the basis of a survey of vehicle manufacturers.

Following a recent search by the AGQM office, the list is now available in updated version.



Important additional information:

There is also important additional information available such as the specific release terms of the commercial vehicle manufacturers regarding the use of biodiesel in their vehicles.