BPAC: Biodiesel Production AGQM® Certified

Since 1999 AGQM has been offering a quality management system for the entire German Biodiesel industry. The aim of its implementation is the steady improvement of the Biodiesel quality and the support of producers and traders with independent checks, technical service and additional measures concerning the solution of technical problems. The improvements achieved already – based on AGQM’s quality man-agement concept – contribute to a consolidation of the consumers’ faith in the quality of Biodiesel.

So far AGQM’s sphere of action has been restricted to Germany only but now pro-ducers abroad can also be supported by means of the BPAC (Biodiesel Production AGQM® Certified) Programme. The objective is to strengthen and consolidate the faith in Biodiesel of all users worldwide and to create a common international platform for Biodiesel as a quality product. BPAC-certified companies also gain access to AGQM’s chemical and technical know-how and support in case of arising quality management problems.

The observance of the limits of DIN EN 14214 (latest revision), amended by addi-tional requirements for certain test parameters, is the basis for the BPAC certification. Regional specifications differing from the German market are considered by BPAC although those of EN 14214 must not be exceeded or undercut.

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