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Due to the increasing demand for bio heating oil a sufficient quality and oxidation stability as well as safe handling are of enormous importance. The German pre-standard DIN SPEC 51603-6 specifies the minimum requirements and test methods with corresponding limits for alternative liquid fuels such as FAME. This is essential for a safe use of heating oil in the respective oil equipment. Information concerning the risk or potential negative interactions of oxidation stabilizers with the fuel oil matrix and its additives are also of great importance, but could not be detected by any test until 2015.

In cooperation with the mineral oil industry AGQM has developed the No-Harm test for oxidation stabilizers in bio heating oil. This testing program rules out possible negative interactions of additives with fossil oil and its additives. The test program includes the following:

  • Determination of the relative efficiency of oxidation stabilizers
  • Minimum requirements
  • DGMK filtration test 663
  • Interaction test

The current no-harm list for FAME as blend component in heating oil is available:

AGQM No-Harm List Heating Oil

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