AGQM_icons_rgb_Reach-Verordnung.jpg Basic information REACh

AGQM coordinates the REACH registration for an international group of more than 40 Biodiesel producers and traders. The mandatory pre-registration was completed by AGQM on time by November 30, 2008; all necessary action for the registration is currently being taken.

FFor companies producing, trading and importing Biodiesel, the registration of their products under REACh – the new EU chemical product law – is a mandatory pre-requisite for their legal business operations as well as a big challenge. REACh (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) stipulates by law the binding registration of all main, co- and by-products.

All data essential for the registration process must be compiled and – if necessary – generated by new studies. The information is necessary to issue the extensive documentation on the substance’s safety and its application; this applies to the main product fatty acid methyl ester (Biodiesel) as well as to special by-products of individ-ual producers; also, some members of the AGQM group are ethanol producers.

From the very beginning AGQM has actively participated in the REACh process in order to find the most economical way for a successful and timely registration for the industry. Experienced and competent consultants could be won for its realisation. The AGQM office in Berlin coordinates all work and steps in the registration process and is always available for advice during the registration procedure. All participants regularly receive information about the latest developments; furthermore, as an ac-companying measure, seminars are held at irregular intervals which provide the chance for intensive information of all companies involved.

Companies that have not participated in the registration procedure may fulfil this obligation by buying a „letter of access“(loa).

Link: List of AGQM-REACh group members