AGQM_icons_rgb_Quality_Check.jpg Quality-Check Material

Together with Analytik-Service AG (ASG), AGQM Biodiesel offers five different, easy-to-use and ready-to-use control materials for test equipment monitoring:

          QC-Material MR (Multi-Reference)

          QC Material CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point)

          QC Material OS (Oxidation Stability)

          QC Material MeOH (Methanol Content)

          QC Material PhGly (Pharmaceutical Glycerol)

The QC materials have been specified in interlaboratory studies by qualified laboratories and represent reliable references. For further information and the exact application areas of the QC materials, please refer to the information sheet below.

Reliable measurement results are the prerequisite for safe production and quality control. For this purpose, regular checks of the measuring methods used in the laboratory are essential. In addition to calibration, the use of quality check materials (QC materials) has proven its worth in everyday laboratory practice. In particular, the QC materials can be used for supplementary checking of one's own measurement accuracy, for identifying operating, instrument and systematic errors, for regular instrument checks and documentation. The materials are characterized by their ease of use - the QC materials are treated exactly like regular samples - and high reliability through validation in round robin tests. Each delivery is accompanied by a batch-related certificate of analysis. The safety data sheets for the QC materials can be provided if required.