FVV Project completed

After a project time of two years the project ‘Biofuel blends’ assigned to Fachvereinigung Verbrennungskraftmaschinen (FVV e.V.) by the University of Rostock could now be finalised. It dealt with the possible impact of various fuel qualities with different biogene proportions along the entire fuel production chain, from storage to the emissions emitted by the exhaust pipes.
The project impressively shows that the storage stability of biofuels was given during the entire project time. If modern engine control units are used, an impact on combustion behaviour and emissions due to different fuel qualities cannot be detected. Incompatibility with exhaust gas after-treatment systems or any customary materials used could not be determined. Once again it was confirmed that the emission of particles could be reduced by the use of FAME.
The entire report is now available free of charge as download.