Development of a test method for assessment of material resistance in applications with middle distillate

Within the research project, a forced test method was developed to determine the resistance of metallic and polymeric materials to FAME-containing (B20) fuels made from middle distillates and mixtures of middle distillate and paraffinic hydrocarbons.

For the test method two test media were developed that include the influence of aging of the FAME which is to be expected after a storage of the fuel exceeding 2 years in the field. The test specimens of the respective material can be carried out at ambient pressure with little effort.

Resulting materials resistances were summarized in resistance tables. Resistances obtained in B20 are valid for any mixture of low-sulfur light fuel oil and FAME containing up to 20% (v/v) FAME. They are also transferable to mixtures of diesel and FAME having a FAME content of up to 20% (v/v).

This method with special test media is a cost-effective rapid test for checking resistance of materials to middle distillates having a high FAME content. It can support SMEs manufacturing components for supply systems in further development of existing and new products. It increases the manufacturers' certainty that components will pass approval tests of authorities.

Results of this research project can and will be incorporated into a harmonized European standard for alternative fuels. This is the prerequisite for component manufacturers to access the European market.

The final report can be obtained free of charge from the DGMK.

The project was also carried out under the convenorship of AGQM Biodiesel. The FAME for this project was provided by members of AGQM Biodiesel.

Contact: Dr. Richard Wicht