International Round Robin Test ‘FAME and Rapeseed Oil Fuel’

The analysis of components and the final product forms a major part of the quality assurance of fuels. Biodiesel is no exception to this rule and therefore reliable monitoring and testing of the product properties is an essential aspect of its quality management. Therefore, the participation in round robin tests is an important instrument for laboratories to maintain and improve the standard obtained.

Since 2008 AGQM and FAM (Fachausschuss für Mineralöl- und Brennstoffnormung im DIN/ Mineral Oil and Fuels Standardization Committee within DIN) once annually conduct their international round robin test for Biodiesel and rapeseed oil fuel. All interested laboratories (at company sites, contractors, research) dealing with the analysis of Biodiesel and rapeseed oil fuel are invited to participate. Every year more than 50 laboratories from Germany, Europe, USA, South America, New Zealand and Asia took part.

Two different samples of each biofuel are analyzed for selected parameters of the applicable standards (EN 14214 for Biodiesel and/or DIN 51605 for rapeseed oil fuel). The participants are free to decide whether they want to join in just one or both parts of the round robin test.

Interested parties can benefit from their participation – which is mandatory for AGQM and BPAC members – as follows:

  • Self-monitoring to assure the quality of analytics
  • Identification of any necessary improvements
  • Comparability to other laboratories
  • Verification of measuring competence
    • for accreditation authorities (e.g. according to EN 17025)
    • for German Customs Authorities
  • Collection of data for the supervision/optimization of test methods (standardization)

Upon finalization of the round robin test, all participants receive a detailed (anonymised) report in German and English as well as certificate (also bilingual) with all their individual results. In addition all results are presented at a workshop which does not only offer further information but also the opportunity for discussions with other experts.

Month Test Steps
March / April Announcement of the Round Robin Test and registration process
May Dispatch of samples → start of Round Robin Test
June Submission of results and data aquosition
July / August Evaluation of data
September Dispatch of certificates and report
October Workshop (in German) on the evaluation of the Round Robin Test

Preliminary schedule, actual schedule will be announced later.

Expenses include samples and dispatch, statistical assessment, final report, certificate and attendance at workshop.




AGQM Members/

BPAC Members




from Overseas

 FAME Part 1

 Free of charge

 € 625.00*

 € 685.00*

 FAME Part 2

 € 365.00*

 € 365.00*

 € 400.00*

 Rapeseed Oil Fuel

 € 625.00*

 € 625.00*

 € 685.00*

*All prices are plus VAT.

We hope to have aroused your interest and would be happy to welcome you also as one of next participants.

Should you need any additional information please kindly address Anja Bäumer: Tel. 0049 30 31904-439 or by

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