Quality-Check Material

Reliable measuring results are a prerequisite for the safe production and quality management of Biodiesel. For that purpose regular checks of all methods used in the laboratory are indispensable. Apart from calibration the use of QC material has proven to be an effective measure in every-day laboratory practice.

Jointly with Analytik-Service Gesellschaft mbH (ASG), Association Quality Management Biodiesel (AGQM) offers QC materials for the monitoring of test methods and equipment used for a number of parameters of DIN EN 14214. In Round Robin tests those QC materials were specified by qualified laboratories and they can thus be considered well referenced material the use of which provides many advantages:

  • Additional check of own measuring precision by external check material
  • Identification of handling, device or systematic mistakes or errors
  • Regular control of measuring devices and documentation
  • Simple handling – the QC material is handled just like any regular sample
  • High reliability of the QC materials by Round Robin Test safeguarding/backup

We offer three different QC materials which are easy to handle and ready to use:

QC Material MR (Multi-Reference)
QC Material OS (Oxidation Stability)
QC Material MeOH (Methanol Content)

The fact that by its use a multitude of parameters of DIN EN 14214 can be checked makes QC material MR a special implement. Every delivery is accompanied by a batch-related Certificate of Analysis (CoA). The QC materials OS and MeOH are provided in vials, each vial containing enough sample for two measurements. Thus, the rest of the delivery stays stable. Careful manufacture and optimum storage conditions guarantee for high stability.

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