6th International Conference on Biodiesel
Biodiesel – A Fuel on the Move
7th – 8th May 2013

AGQM REACH-Seminar 2015

In accordance with the European Regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals 1907/2006/EC (REACH), manufacturers, importers and, where applicable, even downstream users must register their chemicals and are themselves responsible for their safe usage.

Many companies have registered the substances as required, created safety data sheets and communicated this information within the supply chain. However, registration alone does not fully satisfy the legal requirements, and in addition, new questions are surfacing from the field, these include:

Effects of the change to the general terms and conditions of business of the European Chemicals Agency 

  • Fictitious delivery: what impact does this have?
  • Keeping contact details and other information up to date in REACH IT – but how?

Bans and restrictions on substances, dealing with intermediates

  • Is my company affected, if yes, what do have I have to do?

Compliance with requirements for safety data sheets (SDS) and substance information

  • Are the contact details up to date and who provides information about the chemicals?
  • Are the safety data sheets/substance information and REACH dossiers consistent with one another?
  • Are all actual uses covered?
  • Are the instructions on health, work and fire protection correct?

Monitoring chemicals legislation

  • Which points are emphasized by the market surveillance authorities in Germany?
  • Which requirements are applicable abroad?

With the seminar offered here, we would like to communicate to you the current developments in European chemicals legislation. We would also be happy to discuss your individual questions.

We look forward to your participation.